How To Use Mibbit IRC Web client


How To Use Mibbit IRC Web client

Postby Stooge » Sat Nov 13, 2010 11:51 pm

Note from "Stooge"
 There are detailed instructions for registering a nickname for Mibbit located on the Mibbit Wiki Nickname page. There is a note on there, at this time, that some email accounts do not work at all with Mibbit. I have no affiliation with Mibbit and there is nothing I can do about the situation. 

MAKE CERTAIN you read the Questions and Answers below!

First and foremost, I'd like to thank BertoSan for taking time (in his semi-retired days) to work on the new IRC system and to write up the majority of the instructions below. If you have any questions with the new system, please direct them to Bertosan as he has graciously agreed to act as a full admin of the IRC channel. (We all knew he could not completely stay away, now did we not?)

We are pleased to announce we have finally set up a new Mibbit/IRC chat client which will replace both the one we have currently on the forums AND the ventrilo text chat.

The vent text chat access to ventrilo was revoked from all users at Noon Eastern time on Saturday, November 13th..

Users who want to text chat can now access the chat via the following link: ...

As you will be able to see from the page that loads, you will be prompted to input a user name of your choice. It is recommended, for the sake of everyone knowing who you are from the forums, that you put a user name that is similar to, if not identical to, your forum user name. Of course this is only a recommendation, not a requirement.

The chat room has already been inputted for you.

Once you hit "Go" the server will connect you straight through to the chat room.

This next part is rather important so please read carefully.

When you have entered the chat room with a user name that is to your liking, you will need to register that user name by typing the following:

Code: Select all
/ns register <password> <email>

<password> is a password of YOUR choice. One that you will remember. When you type your password in, leave out the <>

<Email> This is your personal email. Please use an ACTUAL email address that you can log into because it will be sending you a confirmation that you must complete. Again, leave out the <> when entering your Email address.

Once you have done this, it will tell you to check your email for verification of your password. Do so and it will tell you EXACTLY what to input into the chatroom to validate your password.

Every time from now on that you enter the chat, you will need to type
Code: Select all
/ns identify <password>

This will set up your nickname so that you are recognized owner and no one else can use that nickname without the password. If you do not do enter the password for a registered nickname, the system boots you off that name after 1 minute.

Why is this important?:
Several reasons why this is an important factor to being a part of this server

1) This will ensure that every time you enter the chat room, you will be able to use your nickname. If someone feels like being a jerk, or even if someone just likes your name and you haven't registered it, they may take that nickname and there will be NOTHING you can do about it. Nor will we be able to.

2) This will protect you from a sort of "identity theft" situation. Not in the financial sense, but in the sense that once you have connected yourself to a user name, it is how we will know you. IF you don't register it someone can come in and sign in as you and they could start flaming/trolling users, which would make others think it was you. However, if you register your nickname and they try to do so, it will boot them off of the nickname after only 1 minute. Thus telling us all that it was not truly you.

Question and Answer:
What are the benefits of this new chat and how is it different than the current situation?

As MANY of you figured out rather quickly, the old chat system was composed of two separate chats. A ventrilo chat server that was available for download, and a thread-type chat room that was linked directly to the forum. Having these two separate chat rooms made it so not all users were able to talk to one another. Those that were able to download vent, had the vent, those that weren't were only able to use the chat system we had in place which was more or less dead. This new chat system has, in a sense, combined the two chat rooms into one. You will see all of the users who used to go on Ventrilo in this chat room. It is a way of getting instant response for questions/needs in the game. Many of the people who are now in this chat room are avid PvPers for those that enjoy that aspect of the game. But do not think that it is limited for solely that purpose. The opportunities of this new chat client are endless for the world of Demon's Souls

Another big benefit is not only can you use the webclient to chat which means no need to install a 3rd party application, but if you would prefer to use a 3rd party application there are IRC clients for every operating system out there, even for many mobile devices as well.

I was a member of the Ventrilo Server. What happened to it? Is it down for good?

The ventrilo server is still currently up and running. The only difference is it is no longer used as a chat client. The ability for users to text chat on the ventrilo server has been removed. Voice operations are still available for the users who wish to take advantage of that option. We would recommend you come to the IRC text chat first, to find someone you want to voice chat with. It will make things easier. Also, if you need an account setup on Vent, please come to the IRC system and let one of the operators know (if there are any online) and they can go into vent and setup your account.

Are there any other options to access this client other than the webchat url provided?

There are several other FREE options that if you are interested in, someone in the chat room that has them will be more than happy to help you find those options and download them and set them up if you wish.

Does this work on all browser programs?

This has been tested on Firefox and Internet explorer and, Yes it works the same on both parts.

Because this is a third party server, there are alternate and extra TOS added on to what we do here on the forums. You will be held responsible for the same rules and guidelines that there are on the forum, however in addition, Mibbit has their own TOS that you must also adhere to. Please read these as ignorance of these rules are NOT exemption from disciplinary action.
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Re: Directions to use the NEW Mibbit IRC client

Postby BertoSan » Sun Nov 14, 2010 6:21 am

:gp: Something awfully familiar about this thread...

Hmmmm... LOL

enjoy everyone :D can't wait to talk to you all
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Re: How To Use Mibbit IRC Web client

Postby Stooge » Wed Jan 02, 2013 6:01 pm

The IRC Channel is still there. It could use more visitors ... just a thought ...
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