Crystal Lizards / Wondering Nightmares

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Crystal Lizards / Wondering Nightmares

Postby M3mnoch_1987 » Fri May 22, 2015 10:03 am

Hi all, Just thought id drop a quick note regarding crystal lizards/wondering nightmares for you incase you wasn't "in the know".

It was a trick that was available in dks however with all this new blood we have I can imagine a lot of people missed this little trick.

If you miss the crystal lizard and it disappears you can simply quit and reload the character and the lizard will be back. It saves you coming from the lamp and possibly missing it again due to dealing with other enemies. This is especially useful near the entrance to the unseen village with the x2 crystal lizards (x2 twins each iirc) and the black executioner as well as them lovely hidden rooms in chalices with 3 - 4 lizards in each. Hope this helps you get some more materials and some nice little gems off the lizards.

Peace Out
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