How to Arrange Competitive PvP Events in Bloodborne

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How to Arrange Competitive PvP Events in Bloodborne

Postby Tsmp » Mon Jun 22, 2015 2:14 am

This is a (rather lengthy) guide to organizing PvP in Bloodborne. Note that the vast majority of the work here will be creating an ideal dungeon for PvP, and the rest of it is just understanding and exploiting the matchmaking system. Once the dungeon is made, you can arrange 1v1 duels, 2v2 team battles, or 1v1v1 three-person free for alls pretty much instantly.

Part 1: Creating the Dungeon

Acquire the Sinister Lower Pthumerian Chalice. As explained in this post, Sinister Dungeons with the Sinister Rite enabled start with a Bell Maiden and a second Bell Maiden can be produced by ringing your Sinister Resonant Bell, which allows you to host an additional red phantom. This will be further explained in Part 2. The Sinister Lower Pthumerian Chalice in particular is the easiest of the Sinister Chalices to acquire and the easiest to create en masse due to all the materials for it being purchasable.

After acquiring the Chalice, pick up the Arcane Haze Extractor from Lower Pthumeru, then clear the Defiled Chalice to unlock Ritual Blood (3) and Tomb Mold (3) for purchase at the Messenger Bath. This will allow you to produce Sinister Lower Pthumerian dungeons by spending only Blood Echoes instead of needing to farm materials (use the Arcane Haze Extractor on lesser or unneeded materials to produce Arcane Hazes).

Proceed to generate dungeons until you get one with a large arena free of obstacles. Piles of armor are okay since they can be broken by the host or during regular combat, but wagons are not as they could potentially interfere with fights. Once you create a suitable dungeon, Share it and set it to "Closed"; this will allow participants to access it using the dungeon glyph but will bar random invaders and cooperators from using the Short Ritual Root Chalice to enter uninvited, and will prevent the dungeon from appearing in regular searches. Post the dungeon glyph in the forums to allow other people to access it. Remember to specify any limitations on level and healing uses. There is no need to use a password, since uninvited players will not be able to enter a closed dungeon without the glyph anyways and using passwords allows for players outside the level range to be summoned.

Part 2: The Multiplayer System

First thing first, you're going to want at least one dedicated host. This is the person whose job it is to stand around summoning players and being invaded. The host should be someone who doesn't mind not participating in the fights, due to the inherent Hp and healing advantages hosts have and the fact that they can't exactly host if they are dead. On the plus side, the host will likely collect a positively ridiculous number of blood dregs while all the other players are busy killing each other.

The host's level should be one that allows them to summon, and be invaded by, characters of the target level range. Here is a calculator for determining such things. (note that it may not be 100% complete, but the given ranges are at least confirmed.) For Oath Runes, ideally the host should have the Corruption (Vileblood) Oath rune equipped as it allows them to collect Blood Dregs for insight in case they run out and allows them to summon players equipped with the Radiance (Executioner) Oath rune in case those players want to be summoned as purple phantoms in order to fight blue phantoms without needing to use the Sinister Bell (for fear of Hunter of Hunters players).

The host will ring their Sinister Resonant Bell, cancel it with the Silencing Blank, then ring their Beckoning Bell. Ringing the sinister bell causes the second Bell Maiden to spawn and she will remain even if it is canceled, and this allows the host to be invaded by up to two players and summon up to two players for a maximum of four participants at once. Players who do not wish to host invaders should either kill the Bell Maidens in their own dungeon or else kill the boss to prevent other players invading their own world. Do not under any circumstances kill the Bell Maidens in the host's world, as the first one does not ever respawn and the dungeon will need to be downloaded again (via searching for it by glyph) to bring her back.

Players who invade via Sinister Resonant Bell will spawn as red phantoms. Unlike previous games in the series, reds cannot attack each other and are on the same team, but can attack blue phantoms, purple phantoms, and the host. Players who use the Small Resonant Bell but have an Oath Rune that opposes the host's own (if the host has Corruption/Vileblood, then the opposing rune would be Radiance/Executioner) will spawn as purple phantoms. Purples use up a summon slot instead of an invasion slot, which means the possible combinations of phantom colors is Blue/Purple, Blue/Purple, Red, Red, and Host. Purples are hostile to reds, blues, and the host, but not other purples. Players who use the Small Resonant Bell and do not have an opposing rune with the host will spawn as blue phantoms, who are hostile to reds and purples and friendly with the host and other blues. Players using the Small Resonant Bell and Hunter (Hunter of Hunters) Oath rune while the host is flagged as a "Blood-Addled Hunter" (invaded and killed a host) will spawn as blue 70% of the time and purple 30% of the time. Maybe. I'm still not 100% sure on what all the rules for Hunter are, but I can say with certainty that the guide got it wrong.

Due to the three different phantom colors each effectively being a separate faction, it is possible to arrange 1v1 duels, 2v2 team fights, or 1v1v1 free for alls between them. Note that blue phantoms are allied with the host, so it is impossible to have a four person free for all. A red, a purple, a blue, and the host would just be a 2v1v1 match.

After a red player dies, the host should select the Silencing Blank and bring up its menu, but exit out of the screen instead of using it. This will reset the invasion timer and allow the red player to re-invade immediately. (I haven't tested this in entirety yet, and I'm not sure if it'll work while other players are in the world.) (Also, I really hope the DLC adds a multiplayer item that is basically the Dried Fingers or else a special bell that allows you to summon reds yourself like a Bell Maiden.)

Long story short:
1. Create suitable Sinister dungeon, share as Closed
2. Host equips Corruption rune, enters dungeon, rings sinister bell then rings beckoning bell
3. Participants kill their boss, then ring small resonant bell or sinister bell
4. The glowing, colorful players kill players of different colors for fun and profit
5. Host selects silencing blank to open its menu, but backs out instead of using it to refresh the invasion timer
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Re: How to Arrange Competitive PvP Events in Bloodborne

Postby Vumsy » Mon Jun 22, 2015 6:10 am

Good stuff, I do sincerely hope the expansion will bring some changes to the PvP landscape. When it takes a guide just to explain HOW to arrange something like this, something's gone wrong in multiplayer mechanic decisions. I doubt people will attempt to organize anything until details about the expansion and it's impact on pvp has been determined. If it doesn't include any changes to PvP, I suspect this will be the fallback option unless pvp has died at that point.
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Re: How to Arrange Competitive PvP Events in Bloodborne

Postby Jumilaattori » Sun Jun 28, 2015 1:28 am

ye, that´s a hassle for dashing. The game needs an arena and red sign so that community can move out from the sweaty dungeons.

Should be:

1.Drop red
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