Root Chalice Dungeon Glyph list

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Root Chalice Dungeon Glyph list

Postby Vumsy » Thu Apr 02, 2015 8:20 pm

Might as well start a thread for it.
Basically root dungeons are random and as such loot is random. If you luck out on a root dungeon and get a level 15+ Blood Gem, Lost or Uncanny weapon or a gold mine of various materials. Spread the word, spread the love and state your glyph. Also please let us know if you decide to delete it.
I'll delete inputs should they yield the same loot of a higher tier.

Post in this format for clarity.

(Credit goes here)
Chalice - Rites - Glyph

For instance:

From Duff_The_Magic_Pragon2001
Central Ailing Loran Root Chalice - No rites - blablabla
Loot: +20 Tempering Blood Gem, Lost Beast Claw, Sages Wrist x 3, Bloodstone Chunk x 4
Location: Weapon in bonus area before 1st boss, Blood Gem in bonus area before 2nd boss, Chalice Materials in area before 3rd boss, Bloodstones behind hidden wall: From 3rd lamp, go to the second corridor to the left, from this room head right, hit walls in the room after the corridor.


Blood Gems


Happy hunting and happy looting :ugeek:
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