PvP and you

Talk about the various online aspects of Bloodborne. Including Co-Op and PvP.

PvP and you

Postby Gorbad » Sun Mar 29, 2015 7:26 am

Bloodborne offers quite a unique PvP compared to the other games. What your experience so far? How has your experience invading been so far?

I've never been invaded, but that's surely due to the fact that you need to be in an area with a bell maiden, or use your beckoning bell to co-op with. However, the times I've invaded, it has been a mixed experience. Sometimes, I spawn with no enemies alive and have to run away from a 2 vs 1. I haven't been able to figure out a weapon or a playstyle against 2 opponents at the same time, except to run and find enemies to mob them with. In those situations, and can really mess with them and I've successfully killed the helping player.

What's your experience so far? Are you liking the changes?
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Re: PvP and you

Postby Magicisoverrated » Sun Mar 29, 2015 8:12 am

I'm absolutely loving the changes to the PvP and Co-OP system due to the fact that it not only effectively eliminated the issues people were having with setting up Co-OP games but it also eliminated most, if not all forms of abused mechanics that existed in previous installments.

PvP in Bloodborne is very unique and fast paced, even more so than it was in DeS, the only gripe i would have from my experience is in 2v1 players will spam healing items, which turns fights into long endeavors of trying to lead them into mobs, but to be completely honest a 2v1 should be hard, no player should have some super overpowered win mechanic (backstabs, poise, iframe abuse...etc.) but that is not to say that you can't win by outplaying your opponent. In Bloodborne I've found spacing, strategy and timed movement are absolutely crucial in all forms of PvP. The game is absolutely fair in this regard you have to learn how to time your attacks and when to chain your attacks as parrying in Bloodborne is easier than ever with no drawback to spamming it.

If you're looking to get invaded Gorbad i suggest hanging out in the nightmare or playing Co-OP more, people are actively invading everywhere trust me.
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