Welcome to Dark Souls II

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Welcome to Dark Souls II

Postby Baseborn » Thu Jan 08, 2015 11:15 pm

It's been out for a while, but some people still need an introduction to Dark Souls II...so I made one.


Welcome to Dark Souls. Please have a seat. 8-)
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Re: Welcome to Dark Souls II

Postby The_DAO » Sun Jan 18, 2015 1:50 pm

So Dark Souls is about you beating the c__p out of innocent players? :P

Seriously, if you wanted it to be an introduction on what to expect maybe you should have inserted a few moments where you get beat.

I had a nice set of encounters yesterday when I summoned a shade and 2 reds to make it more fun but the first red that showed up suicided because he though that we were ganking. So the shade guy went chasing after the second red all throughout the Iron Keep. While he was disposing of that red I summoned 2 more reds that showed up just as the shade came back at the bridge. We do a big 2v2 melee and the shade gets killed and the 2 reds come both after me. I manage to get one of the 2 in big trouble and then... surprise, the other red kills him, possibly unintended. Then we bow to each other, I let him heal and do one to the death. He did kill me eventually with maybe 5 health points on his healthbar to spare. Then we exchange some nice messages on the PSN.

Wish I had captured that on a video because it was a pretty good show of what you can do and the kind of fun you can have in Dark Soulks 2's pvp.

By the way, I always bow to the guys I kill or drop the 'very good' carving.
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