Co-Op Partners wanted for D2 SOTFS (PC/Steam)

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Co-Op Partners wanted for D2 SOTFS (PC/Steam)

Postby nazleth » Thu Sep 03, 2015 12:09 am

So I'm enjoying playing SOTFS on my PC with my new video card, much better experience than when I played D2 Vanilla on PS3 previously. The problem is Steam and no in game communication. You would think it would be EASIER to send messages to on the PC (as opposed to console) but its not. I heard you can add friends to steam but I don't know anyone playing. As the title says, I'm looking for friends to co-op with.

Times I'm on: Tues-Sat 1AM PST - 4-6AM PST
and Sun-Mon: Whenever

Soul Level: About 242 at the moment, NG2
Soul Memory: 12.6 Mil

I'd be open to creating new characters if you aren't in the same range. Steam players: How do you communicate and/or find people to play with? I get invaded far more often than I find anyone to play with. Part of that is that hours but still.

Anyways, any advice welcome.

Edit: Back from work, added Soul Memory.
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