[Co-Op] Tips and Tricks for playing with friends.

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[Co-Op] Tips and Tricks for playing with friends.

Postby Ryonite » Fri Feb 27, 2015 2:37 pm

Upon arrival of scholar for the first sin a friend and I (the friend has never played Ds2 DS or DeS) will be co-opping the entire game. In this pursuit I have done some research into how to achieve this and will post my general tips and tricks below. Feel free to add to it!

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  • Maintain the same soul memory level - Use the wiki's guide to determine if you are within the same soul memory level, a user can summon a guest phantom higher than him (and in Scholar of the first sin a player who is in NG+...) It is best to be as close as possible in terms of souls memory
  • Obtain the small white soap stone as well as the white soap stone - While the white soapstone allows a phantom to remain in your game for longer periods it does not let you be summoned if the summoner has defeated the area boss, this is where you would use the small white soapstone
  • Obtain and use the name engraved stone - the stone is specifically used the purpose of co-op!
  • Make sure your bandwith isnt being chewed up - often you can not connect with another player if your connection to that player is bad, so if you're in the same city and using the same ISP chances are better (atlease in my experience)
  • place your summon sign in an off beat area that has NO orange messages or other summon signs - the summon sign will be populated in that area and not removed by a higher priority sign
  • Do not join the company of champions
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