Looking for a EST Steam buddy to play DS1 and DS2 co-op

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Looking for a EST Steam buddy to play DS1 and DS2 co-op

Postby HiddenCourage » Thu Nov 13, 2014 4:53 pm

Hey guys,

I'm looking for a Dark Souls pal to play both of them and possibly other online games on Steam. I have beaten Dark Souls a few times and enjoy the game, but have always done it alone. I know it mostly is a single player game, but I'd like to try the game with a VOIP option either through Steam or through Skype and have fun.

I've beaten Demon Souls as well, prior to Dark Souls, and own Dark Souls 2, but oddly enough, I haven't played it at all.

I'm an easy going guy and a pretty good team mate in any co-op online game, and willing to help out someone who's just joining the Dark Souls universe.

So, just to recap, I'm on the East Coast of the US, and will be interested in people who want to play on the PC. I play late since I work full time, so it would be around 8pm to possibly 1am time windows. On the weekends, I'd be much more flexible.

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