Some wrong things in the wikidot [ SOTF ]

Some wrong things in the wikidot [ SOTF ]

Postby DarkKRaziel » Wed Sep 16, 2015 5:40 pm

Hi! Sorry if this is the wrong place, i really know nothing about the forum, but i visit a lot the wikidot, and i want to talk about, [ SOTF ]

About some missing things that i want to be sure of, and maybe someone can confirm them and edit the page, cause i cant edit it.

- There's a missing statue in Aldia's keep. The big ogre. You dont really need to unpetrify it, but it's there. Like the two small statue that drop the ascetics and mushrooms, u dont need to unpetrify them. So in aldia's keep there are 3 statues, not 2.

- In the gutter there's a second branch, just at the end, before entering Black gulch, when the statues starts to turn green.

- Aldia's keep, the last mimic inside the cell in the ceiling drops one.

With that there're 17 places to use branches on, and 17 branches (the last one seems to drop from a red phantom, 100% drop, in Undead crypt, but i never needed it and i dont want to light the area, just leave the 2 small statues in aldia's and keep the last branch into the bonfire box).

Im totally sure about what i said and i see weird nobody edited the wiki. I just watched another wiki, and it confirms that there's a second in The gutter, and also a third statue in aldia's, but says nothing about the branch in Aldia's Mimic. Anyway, with that, it makes 17 branches to 17 statues.
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Re: Some wrong things in the wikidot [ SOTF ]

Postby plaintomato » Fri Sep 25, 2015 9:01 pm

Fine work! You have the power to update the wiki. You have the power!
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