Is there a back story to Sellsword Luet?

Is there a back story to Sellsword Luet?

Postby cheataofdoom » Mon Sep 07, 2015 10:48 pm

I first found Sellsword Luet like most people do on their first playthrough on SotFS, as a summon sign before the Last Giant. I didn't use him at the time but of course I noted his armor and shields as possibly being useful. I continue my playthough and accidentally skipped one his summons but found another in Aldia's Keep. This time I summoned him and he made the area and the boss much easier than I would expect. I continue along until I reach Drangleic Castle and once again I find Sellsword Luet. He helped me kill a couple of Old Knights and I explored outside and found an Alonne Captain on a random roof access and suddenly, after Luet and I killed the captain, the Gargoyle statue comes alive. No problem, Luet helps me dominate the foe, but proceeding the death of the Gargoyle, at the bottom of my screen I see "Phatom Task Completed" (or something like that).

This Really intrigued me, so out of curiosity I look him up on the wiki Sellsword Luet Wikipage. Being within the release week of the SotFS, very little is known (and very little is still known) about the NPC. I even notice there was nothing about him being able to be summoned in Drangleic Castle! So I simply added the Drangleic Castle summon sign on the wiki. Still curious I go back to the Last Giant fog door (at this time I'm well passed the boss), but still see his summon sign still available. So I summoned him to help with the Flame Salamanders, which after killing all in the area, I see "Task Completed" once again. After I returned to the nearest bonfire, I once again go back to the summon sign and still appears in these 2 areas.

After I noticed that his summon sign seems to never go away, I went back to Aldia's Keep to see if he can be summoned again, but I found that his summon sign disappeared. I do the same for Sinner's Rise, the sign I missed the first time, and it too is now unavailable. Both the Lost Sinner and the Guardian Dragon were both defeated so maybe that's the correlation. Plus there might've been a "Task Completed" message with the Guardian Dragon's defeat but I might have not notice it nor have I had the time to double check it to find out.

So after my interest in the friendly NPC peaked, I added in the questline part in the wiki. Maybe I should change it to "Task" because I have no confirmation on him having a questline. I have been playing recently and my interest peaked again when I was browsing the wiki to see what people discovered by my new favorite summoner, I was surprise to find not many (if any) updates were made about him.

Now on a new playthrough of the SotFS, I am actively looking for his summon signs so I can add to his wiki and hopefully discover a possible questline or lore to the mysterious NPC. I have a theory based on the enemies he helps you defeat, and the theory is just a "let's make a wild guess" type.

Theory: Sellsword Luet is a possible poacher. Hunting and looking for unique trophies for his collection. Each enemy that achieves the "Task Completed" message are all rare sorts of enemies. Flame Salamanders are only found in two different areas of the game, the Forrest of the Fallen Giants and Memory of the Old Iron King (which I have not explored the latter half yet). In Aldia's Keep, you'll find some Belfry Gargoyles and one on top of Drangleic Castle so maybe that's why Luet can be summoned in both locations. Or maybe he wanted the Guardian Dragon. I'm looking to see if he is tucked away somewhere in Heide's Tower of Flame or in Dragon Aerie, but he can definitely help with the one in Aldia's Keep.
I Enjoy my theory but obvious conflictions are that he doesn't return in Aldia's Keep after the boss is defeated like he does in Drangliec Castle and FotFG. Also, I can't connect his reason for being in Sinner's Rise other than just being a random NPC.

If anybody else knows more about Sellsword Luet, I would love to know more. Admittedly I haven't dug extremely far for information about him, but some insight would still be nice.

Sorry for the long post.
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Re: Is there a back story to Sellsword Luet?

Postby Tsmp » Tue Sep 08, 2015 9:21 am

The times you were able to summon Luet when the boss was dead is because it was a Small White Soapstone sign. Those have a much shorter duration and often time out after a few large enemies, but are useful for helping people out in tough areas like that salamander pit. The times you couldn't find his soapstone sign are because it was a regular soapstone sign, which disappear when you've killed the boss.

There are no "quests" for this NPC. As with all Shades (small white sign summons), their timer depletes as you kill enemies and stronger enemies deplete time faster. What happened here is you killed a bunch of big mobs and his timer ran out. The same thing would've happened if you went in a different direction and killed other enemies. (And for some reason I cannot edit the page...)

There is no backstory for Luet, aside from what can be implied by his gear, locations, and general demeanor. Most of the NPC summons are meant to represent players in an offline environment, with the exception of special summons like Creighton and Lucatiel, who actually appear in-game as characters. All of the NPCs with summoning questlines have a unique character model, and all of the generic summons use the player model. General rule of thumb: if they walk funny, they're special.
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