SM + Agape is actually (accidentally?) genius

Re: SM + Agape is actually (accidentally?) genius

Postby Slazer » Sun Jun 07, 2015 11:40 pm

I havent played any of the souls games much lately. I decided to come back now that i have a better internet connection. I am very happy with the agape ring. It was a necessary item if you ask me. Soul memory made me so sick i just couldnt bear it. The only way i could even stand the game was to duel with players that had similar interest in having reasonable SL builds(IMO 120-150). Also this is non related but when I found out they got rid of healing items in the arena I did a back flip(not literally). I found that DKS2 had created a disgusting type of player base with SM and healing in the arenas. Now that both of those have been fixed its very rarely I find some hideous troll doing anything to just try to ruin my day. I am extremely happy with the new changes, I feel like things are as they should be now. Sure its not perfect, but I am very happy they tried to fix what I considered a gross problem that trolls especially fed off of.
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