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Dex Int Faith build

PostPosted: Thu Oct 08, 2015 11:38 am
by Nero7890
so last time I was abit jarred with my words but
here is my new dex build its my second one and GAWD have just shut bosses down one shot enemies.

so for the Stats
you need

Vit;45 (maybe more up to you)
Str: 22 (washing pole is optional)
dexterity:50 (or sixty up to you)
int:29 (I forgot the stats needed for one spell so yeah)

so before I go one lets say you want to stop before you become over lvl that's cool here are the stats you want if you choose to stay one just NG


you'll still be in maybe the 90 range maybe hundred

so weapons, my first dex build was strict katana so yeah, this build I wanted a different route so here are my weapons of choice

Great scythe+15 Richards rapier+15 baller swag sword (balder side word)+15 Silver knight spear+5 Silver knight straight sword+5 Lifehunt scythe+5

so like the last I had quick weapons and with each build I do (thank that to fire version of stray demon)
Raw painted guardian sword, Gold tracer+5 Dark Silver Tracer+5 Shotel+15

crystal magic weapon, great magic weapon, (or) dark moon blade and sunlight blade
great soul arrow and great heavy soul arrow, (or) lightning spear and great lightning spear.

pyromancy, reason for this is because hey what if you don't want to use the faith and spell route, then you can put tgose points some where else but here are the pyromancy needed

power within
chaos fire ball
chaos whip
chaos storm
fire surge
great combustion
black flame you can choose which ones you want to use

now he catalyst is simple
sunlight, because you killed solair so respect his death and use that one

now the fashion part
hollow thief hood
lords blade robe (or gold hemmed black cloak Chester's long coat is okay also)
gold hemmed black gloves
wanderer boots

and to top it off
we named the build Shot gun, only because it sounded cool

Re: Dex Int Faith build

PostPosted: Thu Oct 08, 2015 2:07 pm
by Crab Rangoon
Here's some advice on tweaking it to effectively be an INT/DEX or FTH/DEX rather than trying to spread stats thin across all areas.

ATT should stop at 19, as that is when you get 5 spell slots. 20 ATT does nothing better than 19 ATT.
STR at 22 is arbitrary, while 16 / 24 / 27 STR are all practical breakpoints for scaling.
DEX scaling is capped at 40 for practical purposes, but 45 is reasonable if you really wish to have marginally faster cast speed. 50 and 60 are a bit wasteful in comparison.
INT & FTH both greatly benefit from 40 or 50 points. Both suffer at >30ish due to reduced scaling & actual Mag. Adj. which directly effects the damage of your spells / miracles / weapon buffs. The only time I believe an INT/FTH hybrid is effective (at a reasonable level) is when combining Moonlight Greatsword with miracles (such as WoG, Replenishment, Great Magic Barrier). This is obviously subjective, but 30ish INT and 30ish FTH is using both spells and miracles at reduced power.

Here is a FTH/DEX:
Add +5 VIT / DEX / FTH if capping at SL150, but 125-135 is still meta for PVP purposes if that's your thing
RH1 can be interchanged with anything of 5-6 weight (Uchi, Iaito, Flamberge, Silver Knight Spear)
RH2 can be interchanged with anything of 1.5-3 weight (Rapier, Ricard's Rapier, Estoc, Shotel, Paint.Guard.Swd, Falchion)
LH1 is pretty unlimited and can even fit Eagle Shield if you so choose
LH2 is Darkmoon Talisman because +5 Mag Adj over Sunlight Talisman (at both 45 and 50 FTH)
Fashion Souls is whatever you make it, but this is very lightweight and can be tweaked with the remaining weight
Second ring choice(s): Wolf, Hornet, Leo (if you want to get pokey), Dark Woodgrain

Here is an INT/DEX:
Again, +5 to VIT / DEX / INT if capping at SL150
Equipment + Ring advice is the same as above (plus Moonlight Greatsword, Moonlight Butterfly Horn and Velka's Rapier)
Can swap to Crown of Dusk when not facing PVP against INT/FTH builds, it's a difference of 131 Mag.Def.
Can wear Witch's Hat for a more fitting/festive look

Here is an INT/FTH hybrid:
This is at 150, because there's no "good" corner-cutting to make an effective one at SL125-135
Almost everything from above applies to this build as well

Here is an INT/Pyro hybrid:
Add +10 VIT / +4 ATT / +1 END for SL150
Fashion Souls & Rings as you see fit, but Bellowing (plus Power Within!) for max Pyro damage :twisted:

Don't take this too seriously. Builds don't need to be optimized, and especially when you're playing PVE or offline it's most important that you simply enjoy yourself. In PVP, where Soul Level matters (for the sake of matchmaking), optimizing becomes more necessary to ensure you're still within the same range as other players for frequent online interactions.