my First build.

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my First build.

Postby Nero7890 » Tue Sep 29, 2015 8:01 pm

this my first post ever and first build ever so um give tips if you want

the point of this build is to bring out the most of a strength weapon and also do good damage with w dex weapon, I like to call this build. Quality strength.

stats needed and more


Black knight great axe +5 Artorias greatsword +5 Abyss great sword +5 Demon great machete +15 Zwiehander +15 dragon king great axe +5 dragon greatsword (I think that is what it is called)

quick weapons
Gold tracer +5 falchion +15 painted guardian sword +15

catalyst: Darkmoon talisman

faith spells
Darkmoon blade, Lightning Spear, Sunlight blade

pryomancy : power within

fashion part of this build
head piece : Thief hood
body: Armor of Artorias
arm: witch gloves
legs: Silver knight leggings

this build is great for PvE but Also great for PvP and yes you are going to be over leveled if you use it but have fun with this build.

gamer tag: Nero7890
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Gamer tag; Nero7890
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