Three more fashion/gimmick builds (advice needed)

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Three more fashion/gimmick builds (advice needed)

Postby SS2 Vegeto » Tue Jan 20, 2015 9:03 pm

These are novelty builds in the vein of my previous thread. I am trying to make them as serviceable as possible without a major overhaul of the equipment. This time, I tried designing the stat layouts myself, as well all the equipment, as I felt a bit more competent to do so and want to learn. Here are the builds:


I imagine this build will be the least problematic. Makes the 53 poise breakpoint, good end, Ring of Fap, 40 dex and good dex scaling weapons, 30 faith for darkmoon blade buff, WoG, and not too bad vit (I think). Doesn't make the 56 poise breakpoint, though.


This one is heavily thematic. I thought it would be cool to do a ninja build with the Lifehunt Scythe. Of the shortcomings which are immediately apparent, it doesn't break 56 or even 53 poise (but does break 51), sacrifices Ring of Fap for ninja flipping, and requires 64 end. I put toxic mist there mostly to use as a smokescreen, but I have no clue if that's actually a good idea. I made another version of this build that sacrifices the ability to equip two weapons at once for more attunement slots (and Int for the spells, as well as a little more vit), which (in addition to toxic mist) I filled with a bunch of sneaky, ninja-ish invasion tools like Chameleon, Hidden Body, and Fall Control, and one offensive spell or buff depending on whether I'm using the unbuffable Lifehunt Scythe or the Iaito:

I have no idea if dark bead was the right choice, I just put it there because it's a good spell that's used on a lot of builds. GMW is the buff because I don't think I can remotely afford CMW, and faith buffs are out because this isn't a faith build. Also, I'm concerned as to whether Hidden Body and Fall Control will be of any use even on a stealth build. I'm pretty much new to spells, so I'm kind of throwing darts blindfolded.


Of all my builds, I think that this one is by far the most problematic. On the plus side, it breaks 53 or 56 poise (depending on which weapon I'm wielding, and which pair of pants I wear to accommodate the weight), has 46 end, has Ring of Fap, and int is decent with good int scaling weapons. On the downside, it only leaves me with 40 vit, I can't reach 40 dex, and Karmic Jusitice is a gimmicky spell that won't work most of the time on truly good players and requires the investment of 9 points to faith. I used Karmic Justice because I really wanted to try it out on some build and it just fit the theme of this one so well, but depending on just HOW much my build needs those 9 points for other stats, I may find myself second guessing. The Tin Crystalization catalyst offers the best adj at 32 int, but is actually primarily there to maximize the damage from Karmic Justice.

I went out on a limb and tried a riskier version that runs extremely low poise in exchange for a free attunement slot from the Darkmoon Seance Ring, and two extra points in dex (or vit, depending on what's more important):

My rationale was that it would be hardest to toggle escape fast weapons, which mostly deal less damage, and if they stunlock me for five hits, Karmic Justice will activate. Also, the aura from Karmic Justice might act as a deterrent to long stunlocks. But this was nothing more than an educated guess from an inexperienced pvper. I don't know if there's actually any merit to it.

Though I'm attracted to the idea of using Karmic Justice, I'm also interested in seeing how much better a build that sacrifices Karmic Justice could be. I would also be interested in seeing how a version that sacrifices MLGS compares. And as before, I've no attachment to dark bead - I just put it there because I thought that would be good.

What do you think my best course of action is in each of these cases?

EDIT: My stab at a KJ-less, MLGS-less build 3:
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