Encountered my first Vagrant today!

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Encountered my first Vagrant today!

Postby PotteryShards » Tue Sep 23, 2014 9:20 pm

Was trying and dying at the dual Dragon Greatbow Archer spot in Anor Londo this afternoon and was climbing the narrow walkway to engage the right side Archer when I was a weird, glowing like a phantom, looked kind of like a crab with a crystal shield on its back new enemy waiting in the middle of the walkway. It ended up distracting me just long enough for an arrow to send me falling me to my death so I googled "dark souls anor Londo archer spot crystal shield crab phantom" and it brought me to the Vagrant page on the wikidot.

Very cool!

Shows how many people still die at that spot!

Does anyone know what kind of circumstances determine which variety of Vagrant will appear?

I know the one that attacked me was an Evil Vagrant.

Also, where else (when else?) have you guys seen these little dudes appear?
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