Would anyone like to PvP?(PS3)

Would anyone like to PvP?(PS3)

Postby Cam » Sun Jun 14, 2015 8:32 pm

I realize this is in the wrong section, but the online subcategory doesn't appear to have a "post new topic" button in the usual spot, I did double check and it's not there. Not sure why.

Anyways, I started PvPing in DkS, I fought some randoms and after a short winstreak, even the backstab fishers and trolls didn't really stand much of a chance. (I'll always be bad at evading backstabs, though), so I'm hoping to play against some really good players from this board, if anyone still plays it. Or if you just need a sparring buddy, that's fine too. I'm fairly decent at the game.

My psn is Exhados, if anyone wants to PvP at SL125, add me and send me a PM. I don't care how you play as long as you duel to have fun. I don't personally go for backstabs, but you can if that's your thing. I can often be found at the Burg.
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