Glitch or is it?

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Re: Glitch or is it?

Postby MeMcDee » Wed Jun 02, 2010 10:51 pm

LightningCount wrote:That has to do with World Tendency, so it's most certainly not a glitch. Certain items appear when in PBWT or PWCT in 5-x.

Well, not in this case for sure in VoD because I haven't changed world or character tendency since the last time or even well before that, that I entered here. I defeated all bosses a long time ago, and after defeating Leechmonger and Colossus, I was in PWWT got Istarelle, spoke to Selen, and have not gone to PBWT this time around, because I don't need to and have been trying to get all geckos and items before going to PBWT, if I do at all.

And, my CT has not changed at all since I defeated BP Satsuki in 4-1, well before my farming attempts and multiple re-entries into VoD. It isn't pure black or pure white. I can't vouch for any other experiences at other times, but this time I know sure. Killing BP Satsuki was the first thing in a long time that I did that would change my CT, but had no bearing on what occurred in Defilement. Nothing had changed in either tendency to account for this.

But, this is the first time I've ever heard of hero's or soldier's souls turning up based upon world or character tendency. I've never seen anything on this before, so I must have overlooked that info.
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