Help plz, Friend's Ring EU Version

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Help plz, Friend's Ring EU Version

Postby argot » Fri Oct 02, 2015 9:01 pm

Hi, my id is: xXargotXx
And im playing in EU Version

First of all srry if i whrite something wrong, my game is in spanish. If anyone can help me i would apreciate so much.

I have all trophyes, except all rings, i need Friend's ring (Monumental, pure white personal tendency) and foe's ring (Mephistoles) I did complete the game 1 time without killng any NPC, saying yes to the monumental at the start of the game, killing all 5 Black Phantoms of each world, but monumental doesnt give me the ring. Ive tried to whait till someone invades me, but no luck. I did start NG+, i did kill all 5 BP AGAIN, and said yes to the monumental, but he dosent give me the ring, im still whaiting someone invades me... I dont wanna try Mephistoles untill i pick Friend's ring cause its so hard to get PWPT... :(

I repeat: If anyone can help me i would apreciate sooooooooo much, by invading me and letting me kill and get WPT, or letting me some of those 2 rings. :gamers:

Ty for youre time
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Re: Help plz, Friend's Ring EU Version

Postby Dragoth » Wed Oct 28, 2015 12:33 pm

How much damage your Northern regalia, Soulbrandt or Demonbrand has? It tells if your character tendency is pure white. also, make sure you talk to the Monumental BEFORE you kill False King Allant.
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