Having doubts about stat investments

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Having doubts about stat investments

Postby Skullrattler » Thu Apr 09, 2015 11:50 am

OK, so this game has so far been much easier than I expected. I started with a Temple Knight and proceeded to beat the crap out of everything in various areas with the trusty Halberd.

I now have cleared 1-1, 1-2, cleared Shrine of Storms and that big blind boss, and defeated Flamelurker on my 3rd try using Water Veil, Flame Resistance ring and the Enchanted Falchion+3. Cleared Dragon God too.

Getting the Dragon Longsword from Stonefang Tunnel made dealing with the skeletons in Shrine of Storms very easy (block rolling attack, roll back, then punish- kills them with 1-2 hits).

Of course getting tips online before jumping in has helped a lot but on the whole I don't see why people say this game is harder than DS1. Almost the hardest thing is getting those stupid crystal lizards! (OK, red-eye knights are a big PITA).

I'm a bit worried that I'm spreading my stats too much. I have around 20 STR, 16 Dex, 18 Magic and 18 Intelligence, 22 Vit and 20 End. . . I put more in STR because the Halberd scales better with it, but then I bumped up my Magic and INT to make the Flamelurker fight easier as I read he's weak to Magic...

Now it's becoming more and more expensive to level up and I'm a bit concerned.

I'm still not sure if I should invest more in Magic or Dex or what. Is Magic strong in this game for the later bosses? I like having ranged options but not too keen on bows or crossbows. I know I need to choose between a magic and a melee build if I want to maximize my damage output but not sure that Magic will cut it for some of the later bosses.

I played with a mostly STR character in DS2 because I enjoy knocking back and flattening enemies with strike weapons, and the enemies in DS2 are generally weakest to strike damage. Not sure if this is the case in Demon's which has faster combat, and wondering if fast DEX weapons will be easier ?

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Re: Having doubts about stat investments

Postby M3mnoch_1987 » Thu Apr 09, 2015 2:40 pm

Not going to say much as I am about to leave work but alls you need to know for PvE on DeS is Magic = Super easy mode = Pure Melee is the difficult route.

A mix is very nice - You have two different types of upgrade material for Magic users. Have a look into them - they both work very differently.

Dex weapons are great - especially when mixed with Magic based upgrades.

If you are going to go magic route you really want to only hit the requirements for weapons and not pump any higher. Looking at your stats currently I would continue with your Melee upgrade and maybe get second chance and some defensive magic skills.
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