What bugs me alot.

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What bugs me alot.

Postby ParryandRiposte » Fri Dec 28, 2012 9:15 am

I really find Demon Souls to be fun.
Dark Souls is not a exception either.

But what bugs me is...

Why, why ???

Must games be split up...


Instead of "9 ....Nine games were made, given to man".

What about "One game to rule them all".

Point: I wish all Demon Souls and Dark Souls players were united in a game for each console.

I know Demon Souls that i got would have been so much more fun :/

The time i played Demon Souls (alot) on EU, the lack of activity was killing me.

I wasn´t there from beginning (when DeS was released), so i must have missed out on the awesome "Your getting invaded" constantly or "Hey buddy summon me".

This bugs me. Now i know From Software created Dark Souls because of legal reasons.

But i hope developers or publishers in future learn to think of the players more. (Though Demon Souls support online has been awesome - extended servers).
It´s no fun playing a game that´s deserted.

You may ask or think "How else will they earn money? Releasing next "Demon Souls" or "Dark Souls" is a business".
Well? One way is to not create more games that are related to Demon Souls or Dark Souls.
They can create weapons and armors that players can buy and use.

Another way is to not release online interaction in games that come. So that online activity relating to Dark Souls or Demon Souls GAMES can be "docked" in one game, uniting players.
For example Dark Souls 2 could and in my opinion should not have online interaction. Unless Dark Souls has game issues that need to be adressed.

What´s your stance on the situation where games are deserted online wise? Like Demon Souls is currently (there is little activity in EU).
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Re: What bugs me alot.

Postby aneed » Fri Dec 28, 2012 9:30 am

There is always room for improvement. So developers (well most developers anyways) create sequels to improve upon the last game.

Its not just about adding new equipment, expansions and quests, but also about improving what is already in the game.

I'll give you a very simple example between the two souls game. Ladder climbing. Painful in DS but modified and less of a chore in DkS.

That's a very simple example, there are more complex ones of course, but you should get the point.

I dont really know why the servers are still open for DkS though.
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Re: What bugs me alot.

Postby Stooge » Wed Jan 02, 2013 5:51 pm

Why sequels? Game engines. They change, need to be tweaked, take advantage of improvements in the hardware, etc. It's not just about "business", though that is the main driver. Sequels have to be done at some point, because the engine the original game is built on becomes out-dated and patching it becomes counter productive at some point.

Why do games get deserted online? Because people move on. They either go to a sequel or to another game. These games aren't MMOs, so they are not going to have that constant stream of stable -- as well as new -- players. It becomes a vicious cycle at some point. Even if a veteran player goes back to the game, they find the online community deserted and so they say "Oh well" and move on again.

It's the nature of the beast. Evolution of gaming...
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Re: What bugs me alot.

Postby Bahd_Monkey » Wed Jan 02, 2013 6:43 pm

ParryandRiposte wrote: Like Demon Souls is currently (there is little activity in EU).

On the NA version of Demon's there are a LOT of new players. About half of them are playing for the first time and others played Dark Souls then decided to pickup Demon's. Also, I've seen a lot of veterans returning to DS as well. (And at high soul levels 150 - 250.) It's nice to see DS making a resurgence.

I don't know how the servers are going to be setup for DKS2, but if it's by region it would be nice if the servers could also handle DS as well to keep it going.
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