Ideas for extending the life of DeS?

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Ideas for extending the life of DeS?

Postby yhtraCcMnaD » Thu Nov 08, 2012 9:22 am

To point out the obvious - I'm talking about the online aspect of the game here. Offline there's no 'life' so to speak.

I know every so often someone talks about DLC for DeS but realistically that's probably never going to happen.

But are there any other more viable ideas that people have?

I know this is almost as long a shot as the DLC but if the three servers were consolidated I think that would make a big difference. I know we're in different time zones but I think the overlap (and insomniac gamers) would still make a significant difference to the amount of online interaction.

A perhaps more realistic idea would be to now widen the SL range for co-op and invasions and making the Stones of EE a very common drop (I know you can dupe them anyway but that's technically a glitch). I think this would increase online play somewhat. I'm aware of the arguments against widening the SL ranges but I don't think they are compelling at this stage of the game's life.

Any more ideas?
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Re: Ideas for extending the life of DeS?

Postby marmotte-enragee » Fri Nov 09, 2012 9:56 am

The only realistic solution doesnt come from fromsoftware or atlus/namcobandai but simply from the community, the players, us.

How ?
By organizing events (and participate to organized events), it can be tournaments but not necessarily, on eu the community have decided to have a demon's souls day once a week, and we meet each others every friday, welcoming new players and creating a new dynamic, extending the community.
By stopping to play only with the same players, even if its your friends and you have your private chatroom (ive meet this few times) and summoning every phantom/red you see, inviting players in chatroom and very important KEEP THE SAME chatroom, its important to have a place to go when you wanna have an idea of the activity and find players.
By continuing to play and maintaining an activity, even if its slow. By spending time on hosting of course, beeing host isnt very fun but its a very important role. If someone out of the community/chat come, drop his sign and isnt summoned after few mins, he'll just leave. Having someone to pick up every sign as soon as they appear is a way to extend the community and increase the activity.

Having a unique server would be great of course, but it won't happen, eu is managed by namco, asia and na by atlus. There's also the lag question, playing with easterners can be very problematic...

About dlc, no hope to have it, i dont think it would brought people back anyway, ds doesnt need new areas, nex boss and new weapons, it only needs more players, and that is our responsability.

I'm not convinced about increasing the SL range, the only thing it could add would be to unbalance the game...
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Re: Ideas for extending the life of DeS?

Postby cronotis » Fri Nov 09, 2012 8:47 pm

I agree with marmotte-enragee. From's not going to patch DeS or make DLC. Hell they're probably done with DkS at this point and already thinking about the next souls game.

In my time spent playing DeS in the past few months there hasn't been a lot of online traffic, but when I do meet other players there are frequent pm's, friend requests, and chat invites. So while you can't rely too much on meeting up with randoms, it seems like it's easier to make long lasting friends. :gamers:
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Re: Ideas for extending the life of DeS?

Postby JustAndrewGreece » Sat Nov 10, 2012 2:35 am

eu demons souls was a disapointment , very few players , and one time we were 15-20 people who kept
this game alive, i dont want post names.anyone who still want play demons souls should buy the japan
edition , they are in the midle of timezone of europe and america, you will find them any time any hour
and god demons souls is full of people. i stand and 4-1 and when i beat a red i cant leave someone else
immediately inviding me, low levels invites are full too, at all stages even 5-1. i tell you its full of
players. i tried dupe a guy at 5-1 3 days ago and i had 4 invasions...
the bad thing most japan(not all) dont speak english
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Re: Ideas for extending the life of DeS?

Postby yhtraCcMnaD » Mon Nov 12, 2012 7:57 am

Thanks for the replies guys.

I wasn't really talking about the dedicated PvP scene (I've no doubt the hardcore few will keep this going anyway) but more about co-op play and regular invasions.

But yeah it is a bit of a pipe dream.

I realise extending the SL range would imbalance the game somewhat but I don't think it would matter at this stage. If it would adversly affect the PvP scene fair enough, bad idea.

Consolidating the servers would be conceivable when one or more of the companies decide the discontinue which we were on the brink of once already. But I know it's fanciful thinking as well.

I think regular WT events would bring some casual players back online who could never manage the system before and missed out on some cool content. I don't think this would cost very much but again yeah it's unlikely.

The EU servers were actually quite busy this weekend. Did some invading, lots of co-op and got annihilated in 4-1.

I'd actually like to do some low level PvP in order to improve without dying after two hits or one backstab lol. You guys in 4-1 are too good for novice PvPers. I might try organising something along these lines. That's doable at least.
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