Easy souls farming

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Easy souls farming

Postby Waggalad » Tue Oct 23, 2012 8:58 pm

First bonfire in Anor Londo, outside six sentinels 9000 souls in under 3 minutes. Using longbow +10, naked, with hawk ring and havels ring to give max speed. Using cheapest arrows. So 300 souls worth of purchased arrows,giving 9000 souls.
I would recommend this especially for useless players like myself, good players would just melee and kick there arses, old gits like me with zero joypad skills need a softer option. So if you can't backstab to save your life, this works.
You have to make the best of what you have. Me vs NPCS, fight club style not a pretty sight, game A.I. kicks my arse.
I try to play DSouls, in a balanced manner, unfortunately I like a drop or two of whiskey when I play, consequently I die a lot.
I can sink half a dozen large whiskeys and still do complex math in my head, and take on all of my family in Trivial Pursuit at Xmas. Stone cold sober stick a PS pad in my hand, and I have 10 year old nieces who can kick my arse, so when I play DS after prepping and cooking dinner, I like a large one in my hand (omg, that's a odd phrase), so when I play I get "my drink on" TM Clay Davis in the Magnificent Wire, lol.
Recipe for disaster. So here I am level 87, 300 hours play and with 25% of he game left. Most of the less mature will have Beaten the game several times in those hours. Why do I plod on, you all know why. Dark And Demons suck you in, you get addicted to dying, how fucked up is that? In the context of the game it's not. In real life if you screw up you suffer and maybe even die. In most RPGs if you hit the quick save every 20 seconds you get through. No such luxury in Souls games,
die and you go back to a bonfire which was a long time ago, and then, battle back to save your lost souls, and you will die before you retrieve the lost souls. There should be a health warning on this game "More addictive than Crack"', not that I would know, but you know what I mean.
Anyway, sorry about the rambling. I've offered up a nice Location to promote your character, if any one can offer similar, please post, I need all the help I can get.
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Re: Easy souls farming

Postby Bahd_Monkey » Tue Oct 23, 2012 10:58 pm

This was my favorite way to farm

Don't know if they changed the AI with the new patch. It's in the forest so you'll want to be offline or hollow when you do it so you don't get invaded. Easy 6k in souls in a little over a minute.

Also, while it takes more time, you're at a good level to be summoned at the first bonfire in the catacombs. It's a really fun area to play in and as a phantom you don't have much to lose other than consumables. Just make sure to be hollow when you go in there if you haven't killed the boss yet or you'll get invaded.
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Re: Easy souls farming

Postby Jman1988 » Wed Oct 24, 2012 12:56 am

For acquiring the most souls per minute, killing the Forest NPCs is repeatedly is your best bet. I know you said that you and NPCs don't get along too well, but the NPCs are comparatively low level enough for you to give them a good fight, or maybe even bulldoze them. With practice, you can kill all 4 of them (for 7000 souls total) AND run back to the Darkroot bonfire every 50-90 seconds.

Despite that good number, you will acquire the most VALUE per minute by doing necessary material runs. By "value", I mean the combined total of souls you get from certain farms, plus the equivalent soul value of the items you get (e.g. a Titanite Shard counts as 800 souls, since that's the cheapest price they can be purchased). You'll find it to be quite effective to stock up on necessary materials via farming and using spare souls to level, instead of soul farming and spending some/most of them on purchasing necessities.

Farm the Crystal Cave Man-Eater Shells for Twinkling Titanite. As a bonus, they drop a lot of Purging Stones, which are seldom needed, but frampt for a lot of souls. With maximum Item Discovery Rate (and practice with the run), you can get the equivalent of ~30,000 souls per 90-120 seconds. As a note, you can kill Shells really easily with pyromancy. Other methods can work just fine too.

Farm the Blighttown Giant Leeches for Green Titanite Shards (GTS). Despite farming them plenty of times, their drop rate is so sporadic (in my opinion) that I can't really put my finger on how many effective souls you get per run on average (sometimes, I get nothing to drop for a while, and sometimes, I get 4-7 leeches to drop something). Leeches are easy to kill, and they either drop a Large Titanite Shard (LTS) or 5 GTS. If they drop an LTS, just bag it, because you're bound to need it at some point down the line (and consider this leech kill worth an extra 3600 souls). If the leech drops 5 GTS, this is GOOD. You can convert this single drop into 15 T. Shards, which is the equivalent of 12,000 souls (if you intend to upgrade essentially ANYTHING, you'll need these). Your primary source for T.Shards should be the frampting of GTS (never frampt LTS for T. Shards). If you use Magic/Enchanted weapons, then you should obviously hang onto a number of them. Admittedly, this farm can take a while (2-3 minutes at least), but it's worth the feeling you get when you get 10-20 GTS in one run. A tiny bit of practice and Homeward/Homeward Bone can shave some time off of this farm.

Farm Darkwraiths for Titanite Chunks, and plenty of them. While I'd consider the expenditure of souls on LTS from the Giant Blacksmith as justifiable, I think it's a strategically better choice to obtain your LTS by frampting some of your T. Chunks. First, using this farm as a source for LTS (and T. Chunks, of course) is comparable (if not better, depending on your luck) to farming souls and purchasing LTS, in terms of efficiency (at least in NG). Second, doing this will shift the distribution of your farming time even more towards this particular farm. The good thing about that is that the more your farming time is spent here, the better chance you have of happenstantially getting Titanite Slabs. I can tell you, from hours and hours of farming, that farming specifically for a Titanite Slab is the fastest way to get an ulcer and a controller-infused television set. T. Slabs are exceedingly important, but terribly rare. Do not farm for T. Slabs. Just farm for T. Chunks so you can feel productive (and it is productive), and treat T. Slabs as a sweet bonus that pops up once in a while. I will admit, this is not going to be an easy farm, but practicing it and mastering it will do lots of good for weapon/armor upgrades, and your skill. Oh, and whenever a Darkwraith drops a T.Chunk, you can consider that as an extra 10,800 souls (T. Chunk = 3 LTS = 10800 souls at Giant Blacksmith) on that kill. You get ~4 or 4-5 chunks per run on average in the latest patch, which in combination with the souls you get from killing enemies, makes you yield an effective 53,000 to 65,000 souls per run. Yeah, it's the most valuable run in the game, in terms of effective value. It takes ~4 minutes with practice, from beginning to end. It may take 6-7 minutes when you're learning the motions.

There's nothing terribly strategic about the other material farms. Just farm as many colored chunks as you need, and treat colored slab drops in a similar fashion you (should) treat normal slabs. Don't farm colored chunks with the intent of frampting them into GTS, since Blighttown is a better source for GTS. If you have some unwanted Blue/White Chunks however (possibly Red), feel free to frampt them for GTS. Effectively farming Blue Titanite Slabs is a bit tricky, and they're the only material I have not spent a lot of time farming. I know how to get them, but I'm not comfortable speaking definitively on the matter.

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Re: Easy souls farming

Postby ser-john » Wed Oct 24, 2012 2:07 am

Hi Barry,
yes for me the best spot for farming souls has been in the forest (as in you-tube link up).
I did it many many times and when you have exeperience you do it very fast ... :)
Of course this is for low levels ... after you can increase only with pvp high level opponent .. :twisted:
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Re: Easy souls farming

Postby Jman1988 » Wed Oct 24, 2012 2:45 am

Oh yeah, on that whole forest method: Making them run off the cliff is really only necessary if you're low-level or otherwise not very capable of killing them. Especially after the Ring of Fog nerf, among several player buffs (more equip burden, generally receiving more souls and humanities, etc), the window of time in which making them go off the cliff is a faster method of farming is quite tiny. Even if you get to the forest fairly early, chances are they can be killed faster through fighting.

Oh yeah, and while farming in the forest, either go offline or go hollow, or you're in for a barrage of invasions.
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Re: Easy souls farming

Postby lordgrapejuice » Wed Oct 24, 2012 9:43 am

yay I got 75 internets :P
I always use the 20k souls you get from taurus+gargoyles (as well as everything in the way) to get the crest and go farming before heading down to blighttown. It is an easy place to farm. I may have to try it again at higher levels, but usually I stop farming there once you get less than 1 level per bonfire run.
My preferred way is the octopus heads down in the dukes archives, specifically on a ranged character (homeward bones help). Magic makes tearing through them safe and easy.
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Re: Easy souls farming

Postby Juli » Wed Oct 24, 2012 5:38 pm

Jman1988 wrote:Farm the Crystal Cave Man-Eater Shells for Twinkling Titanite.

I did this once. No-lifed it for my entire Saturday and got 40 twinkling titanite for my full suit of Witch's Robes.

Literally the next day the sparkly dupe glitch was posted.
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Re: Easy souls farming

Postby Jman1988 » Wed Oct 24, 2012 7:36 pm

Saturday-Saint wrote:
Jman1988 wrote:Farm the Crystal Cave Man-Eater Shells for Twinkling Titanite.

I did this once. No-lifed it for my entire Saturday and got 40 twinkling titanite for my full suit of Witch's Robes.

Literally the next day the sparkly dupe glitch was posted.

That's because the drop rate was shit before patch 1.05.
I could get 40-50 Twinkling Titanite in a half hour in patch 1.05. Maybe in ~40 minutes if my gear wasn't great, like Zweihander +10 and pyro flame +13.
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