I miss Demon's Souls.

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Re: I miss Demon's Souls.

Postby BertoSan » Mon Dec 03, 2012 4:45 am

Javi wrote:Yeah we all agree, dark souls is more "advanced" but Demon Souls is so much more special, it has this feeling about it...
I havent tried the arena, but so far I cant compare the burg, the kiln or anywhere on DkS to 4-1.

I sat for about 45 minutes on the arena with no fight. When I finally got one..it was a pursuers/darkbead spammer...just my luck :P
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Re: I miss Demon's Souls.

Postby Cyn » Mon Dec 03, 2012 5:04 am

For me the sad thing is how Dark Souls holds that place in the gaming community as the "awesome hardcore chest hair" game. When it's really not. Demon's Souls is more hardcore in every way and just generally a better (although smaller) game. But it has fallen by the wayside.

I am certain a large part of this is because Dark Souls came out on the 360. Simple as that. The industry and especially the press is very, VERY Xbox 360 focussed. Many people who talk loudest simply did not play Demon's Souls and weren't interested in it because it was a PS3 exclusive and those are unfashionable.

I read Eurogamer and they're a good example. They have an extremely heavy 360 slant, almost all of their multi-platform reviews on on that system. They, like most websites, didn't cover Demon's Souls all that much. Which is the reason it remained just a cult hit. But Dark Souls? They've published dozens of articles about it and continue to do so over a year later.

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Re: I miss Demon's Souls.

Postby marmotte-enragee » Mon Dec 03, 2012 8:10 pm

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Re: I miss Demon's Souls.

Postby marmotte-enragee » Mon Dec 03, 2012 8:38 pm

Actually neither one nor the other are hardcore games, those games are only using old school rules (like learn the patterns, die and retry, use your brain before running into a fight, no checkpoint every 3 steps, no manual save) but with some modern adds who are very helpfull and make the game not that hard (no limited lives, you can heal yourself when you want, large choice of weapons, upgradable weapons, customizing character = we dont have to do all the game with a toon with the same hp and the same weapon, and ofc there's coop ! make the game very easy).
The problem isnt that the game is or isnt hard, the problem is that the new gamers dont know about death or game-over, is almost all games, it doesnt matter : if you die you'll respawn few seconds before and you dont have any penalty. It's non-sense. Demon's souls brought responsabilty : if you die you lose your souls and start from the archstone, you can get it again if you reach your blood task but if you die before you'll lose it for ever. It's up to the player. If he dont use his brain and learn from his fails he'll just die in chain and of course be frustrating and say it's a shit game who's only for hardcore gamers. But it's definitively not.
You got a lot of advantages, and it's what the game isnt hard :
- you can increase your stats
- you can upgrade your weapon and deal lot of damage
- you know where enemies are
- you know how enemies hit (around 4 attacks each, easy to recognize)
- if you block them, they will be stuned (thats ridiculous tbh)
- they will never dodge your attacks
- you can use grass to heal, anytime and anywhere you want
- you can use regen
If we compare this game to any 16bits game, demon's souls is easy. Anybody can beat demon's souls, you only need 3 things : know how to use a pad, use your brain and learn from your fails, and dont be afraid by the 3 words "YOU ARE DEAD". With this 3 thing, anybosy can do it, no need to be a gamer, no need to have experience in rpg (what ds isnt btw) or in any game. Everyone got the tools to reach the old one.

About 360, dks isnt the hardest game on this platform, recently i was playing spelunky, THAT is f***ing hard, no grass to heal when you want, no patterns to learn (all the levels are randomly generated), character doesnt have stats to increase for making him stronger, etc... Those are true old school rules, gameplay is flawless tho, difficulty come from the game only. Same for super meat boy, if you dont have skill, nothing will help you.
There's a lot of games much harder than ds or dks.

As i said, ds and dks arent hard, but most important, they shouldnt be considerate like that, because they are many more than only hard games (if you keep thinking they are) : they are above all games with awesome gameplay (well... more ds than dks :P ), and that is the only reason why they should be known. I'm pretty sure those games would have been a bigger success without this hardcoreblablah reputation. Gameplay is great, that's all we need to know.
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Re: I miss Demon's Souls.

Postby WarGolem2011 » Wed Dec 05, 2012 4:44 pm

Ya i miss des. The pvp quality was usually a bit better. Just cause all the normal trolls who's only goal is to piss everyone off weren't around yet. But the thing i dont miss as much was the server lag. It seems to be less laggy on dks because of whatever system they put in, but it does have noticeably impaired organized coop issues from it as well. Overall i do miss des, but dks is slightly better in terms of lag. In terms of which was a better game I still feel that des will always be better then dks just because everything was just right. We didnt have the crazy over powered element weapons or the spam people dead against the wall with Gw. Basically everything was balanced with equal trade offs for equal power.

In Dks its just find the most over powered thing in the game for the least amount of stats. Like how mages can use dark bead that can do 1000+ at the minimum level of Sl 4.

Example Here;
http://mugenmonkey.com/darksouls/?b=c29 ... 9kZW4sMQ==

While Tanks need to be at least some were around level 50 to be any were near what would be a decent tank with both defense and attack power.

Example Here;
http://mugenmonkey.com/darksouls/?b=ZGV ... 9kZW4sMQ==

Well it is true you can still have great damage output without all the protection it still keeps you severely open to mage damage or any other damage should you miss your roll. Dks just fails to balance the game like des did. It was nice playing des but unfortunate its dead and we got nothing left but trolls beating on its corpse :horse: ..... R.I.P Demon's Souls :(
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