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Platinum Trophy Guide

PostPosted: Wed Jun 15, 2011 12:01 pm
by iGBx
Hello everyone, iGBx here bringing you a single player's guide to getting the Demon's Souls platinum trophy in 10 easy stages. By single player, I mean all on your own, no Blue Phantom help, no Black Phantom invasions and with no dupes from other player's. Otherwise known as Offline Mode.
There are 38 trophy's to collect, and with this guide you can get it in around 10-30 hours, depending on skill level and luck.
With this guide, we will be using the self duping technique, and we aim to get the platinum early into the 2nd playthrough.
Because this platinum trophy requires special in game events, called Pure White & Pure Black World Tendancy, I recommend all new player's to play the game in soul form. Playing in body form is risky and you may regret it.
This is not a walkthrough. Use the wiki alongside this guide. >>> <<<

Before we get started:
Choose your class - I suggest Royalty or Knight. Temple Knight is also a good choice, but the 2 handed starting weapon may be tricky for some.
D.I.Y - Learn the self duping technique and master it ! You can master this as soon as you spawn in The Nexus, after the Tutorial, using the Nexial Binding. There is a great video here showing it and gives a description >>> <<<
Soul Form - Everytime you get revived after killing a Boss, you should suicide to get your soul back. The best place for this is in The Nexus. This is because, if you die in the various worlds, it changes the worlds tendancy to black, and we aim to get it Pure White, to unlock essential weapons and areas.
Level Up - It is possible to get this platinum as a Soul Level 1 Royalty, but you should level up. Vitality & Intelligence being the most useful. If you started as a Temple Knight, remember to get 10 Magic to learn the spells from the trainer Sage Freke.
Monumental - Gives you a YES / No option. Select YES or you will not get the Friend's Ring later on.
Demon's Souls - I suggest you self dupe each one after you collect it from killing each boss. They help you level up really quickly, and some are needed for multiple trophy's. This is what saves you from doing 4 or 5 playthroughs.
Consumables - Self dupe important items like, Dark Moon Grass, Old Spice, Stones of Ephemeral Eyes & White Arrows.

Platinum Trophy Guide

PostPosted: Wed Jun 15, 2011 12:48 pm
by iGBx
Stage 1 - Collect Treasure & Kill Demon's

Here is where you play the game, killing most of the major bosses which unlocks trophies for each one. Collect everything you find if you wish, although I will list the important items.

World 1:
World 2:
World 3:
World 4:
World 5:

Collect Cling Ring, Thief's Ring, Jade Hair Ornament ( give to Stockpile Thomas for a Ring of Herculean Strength ), Scimitar & Lead Demon's Soul.
Rescue and protect Ostrava.
Kill Phalanx.

Collect Ring of Gash Resistance, Wooden Catalyst, Compound Short Bow, Winged Spear, Iron Demon's Soul.
Rescue and protect Ostrava.
Kill Tower Knight.

Collect Ring of Poison Resistance, Kris Blade, Crushing Battle Axe +1. Shards & Chunks of Hardstone, Sharpstone, Spiderstone & Clearstone. Shards of Dragonstone, Pure Spiderstone, Hard Demon's Soul.
Turn on the elevator to Blacksmith Ed.
Kill Armored Spider.

Collect Hand's of God, Dragon Long Sword +1, Ring of Disease Resistance, Ring of Flame Resistance, Club, Dark Heater Shield +1, Shards of Greystone, Chunks of Dragonstone & Greystone, Red Hot Demon's Soul.
Free Patches the Hyena.
Kill Flamelurker.

Collect Master's Ring, Pure Dragonstone, Dragon Demon's Soul.
Kill Dragon God.

Collect Ring of Magical Sharpness, Clever Rat's Ring, Geri's Stiletto, Baby's Nail, Mercury Rapier +1, Estoc, Claws, Secret Dagger, Shards & Chunks of Moonlightstone, Doll Demon's Soul.
Free Sage Freke.
Kill Fool's Idol.

Collect Fragrant Ring, Ring of Avarice, Epee Rapier, Moon Short sword +1, Shards & Chunks of Mercurystone, Mixed Demon's Soul.
May get Pure Moonlightstone.
Free & Kill Yurt the Silent Chief.
kill Maneater.

Collect Yellow Demon's Soul.
May get Pure Moonlightstone.
Kill Old Monk.

Collect Regenerator's Ring, Graverobber's Ring, Adjudicator's Shield, Crescent Falchion +1, Compound Longbow, Shards of Darkmoonstone, Cloudstone, Bladestone, Grey Demon's Soul, Swollen Demon's Soul.
Free Graverobber Blige.
Kill Vanguard & Adjudicator.

Collect Ronin's Ring, Hiltless, Chunks of Darkmoonstone, Hero Demon's Soul.
May get Chunks & Pure Bladestone.
Free Saint Urbain & Patches the Hyena.
Kill Old Hero.

Collect Stormruler, Chunks of Cloudstone & Darkmoonstone, Storm Demon's Soul.
May get Pure Darkmoonstone.
Kill Stormking.

Collect Ring of Magical Dullness, Blessed Mace +1, Shards of Faintstone, Wriggling Demon's Soul.
May get Shards & Chunks of Marrowstone.
kill Leechmonger.

Collect Rat's Ring, Broken Sword, Large Sword of Moonlight, Chunks of Faintstone, Shards of Suckerstone, Chunks of Suckerstone, Pure Suckerstone, Eroded Demon's Soul.
May get Shards & Chunks of Marrowstone, Pure Faintsone.
Kill Dirty Colossus.

Collect Pure Marrowstone, Pure Mercurystone, Pure Suckerstone, Ring of Sincere Prayer, Dark Silver Shield, Pureblood Demon's Soul.
May get Pure Faintstone.
Kill Garl Vinland & Maiden Astraea.

Collect Official's Hat, Iron Ring of Keys, Pure Clearstone, Silver Demon's Soul.
Free & protect Ostrava.
Collect Bloody Iron Key, Ring of the Accursed, Ring of Magical Nature.
Free Biorr, Free Yuria.
Kill Penetrator.

Platinum Trophy Guide

PostPosted: Wed Jun 15, 2011 1:01 pm
by iGBx
Stage 2 - Pure White World Tendancy Events ... ncy-events

If you did all of stage 1 in soul form you should now have Pure White World Tendacy in all 5 worlds. Time to go back.

Collect Dragone Bone Smasher.

Show Dragon Bone Smasher to Scirvir, Collect Pure Greystone.

Collect Key at top of the first tower.

Free Rydell using the key, Collect Dull Rat's Ring.

Collect Magic Sword Makoto.

Collect Istarelle.

Kill BP Garl Vinland, Collect Bramd.

Platinum Trophy Guide

PostPosted: Wed Jun 15, 2011 1:14 pm
by iGBx
Stage 3 - Pure Black World Events & Getting Pure White Character Tendancy ... ncy-events

Now it gets slightly harder. But you should be strong enough. Remember that you should be levelling up, using strong weapons, and have plenty of Vitality. You need to suicide in all worlds, in body form 7 times each. Use Ephemeral Eye Stones, that you should have self duped by now. I suggest rolling off the cliffs in 1-1, 2-1, 3-2, 4-1 & 5-1 to speed things up. Making the worlds pure black unlocks regular BP enemies & unlocks 5 named Black Phantoms. Killing them all will give you the needed Pure White Character Tendancy, and some more weapons. A special note, killing these 5 BP's in certain ways may not shift your character tendancy. Killing them with poison/death cloud or if they die by the natural environment are some of the known ways that can cause your character tendancy to not shift. I recommend that you use offensive magic spells or melee them to be certain.

BP Miralda.

BP Scirvir. Collect Talisman of Beasts.

BP Rydell. Collect Phosphorescent Pole.

BP Satsuki. Collect a 2nd Hiltless.

BP Selen. Collect Blind.

BP Miralda drops a Guillotine Axe, but the weapon is not needed for any trophy.
BP Satsuki's Hiltless is also not needed, as you should have collected the free one in 4-2.
You only need to kill these 2 for your PWCT.

Now head on up to the Monumental in the Nexus, and you will get the Friend's Ring.

Platinum Trophy Guide

PostPosted: Wed Jun 15, 2011 1:24 pm
by iGBx
Stage 4 - The Secret Miracle Recovery

This miracle is often missed, simply because it does not show up in Saint Urbain's list of miracles until you do something special, but it is needed to learn all the miracles required for the trophy. Saint Urbain will teach you a miracle called Recovery. You must kill a Primeval Demon and collect a Colorless Demon's Soul before it unlocks. One of these appears in each world in Pure Black World Tendancy. The easiest one is in 2-1. So head there, suicide 3 or 4 times untill you get PBWT, and can see it at the bottom of the elevator across the bridge.
Once you have the CDS, self dupe it. You only need 3 CDS to learn the Recovery Miracle, but having 198 of them wont hurt. They come in handy for upgrading weapons of course.

Platinum Trophy Guide

PostPosted: Wed Jun 15, 2011 1:32 pm
by iGBx
Stage 5 - Magic, Miracles & Faith

Now is a good time to clean up & learn all the spells and miracles you have left to learn from all of your duped Demon's Souls. Because you are just about ready to kill the trainers. During stage 1, after you got each Demon's Soul, you should have been self duping each one. A few of them are needed more than once to learn multiple spells and miracles. The 1-4 boss does not affect this.
During this stage you will unlock the Saint's trophy, and have 1 spell left for the Sage's trophy, that comes in your 2nd playthrough.
Before you start stage 6, make sure you have your fave spell and miracle remembered. Poison Cloud & Second Chance are good choices.
Also, level up Faith to 20, speak to the lady that's close to Saint Urbain. she gives you a free Pure Faintstone. This saves hassle, as you may not get a Pure from the 5-2 or 5-3 Crystal Lizards.

Platinum Trophy Guide

PostPosted: Wed Jun 15, 2011 1:41 pm
by iGBx
Stage 6 - Mephistopheles Quest

This is essential. Mainly to get the Foe's Ring. To unlock this, you must have Pure Black Character Tendancy. I suggest you kill the Blue Phantom in the Nexus, the vendor's in 1-3, 2-1, 3-1, & 4-2. That should be enough. Kill the 5-2 vendor if Meph did not appear after those. Head up to the middle level of the Nexus and you meet Meph. She gives you assasination tasks.

1: Kill Saint Urbain. Collect Ring of Devout Prayer.
2: Kill Sage Freke.
3: Kill Patches the Hyena.
4: Kill Biorr.
5: Kill Ostrava.* ( see stage 7 ) Collect a 2nd Talisman of Beasts.
6: Kill Yuria. Collect Foe's Ring.
7: Kill Mephistopheles. She attacks you after you collect the Foe's Ring. Easy fight though.

*Part 5 runs into stage 7.

Platinum Trophy Guide

PostPosted: Wed Jun 15, 2011 1:52 pm
by iGBx
Stage 7 - Into the Palace

Collect Penetrating Sword, White Bow, Tower Shield, Rune Sword, Rune Shield.
Kill Ostrava without even talking to him ! Rewards a ToB in part 5 of stage 6. Collect the Mausoleum key.
Kill Blue Dragon. Very easy, with Soul Ray or White Arrows. Unlocks trophy.

Do not kill the final boss yet. After you did all the above, return back to the Nexus, head to 1-1.

Kill Old King Doran. Hard mini boss, but remember the Poison Cloud..... Unlocks trophy.
Collect Demonbrand, Eternal Warrior's Ring ( unlocks Rogue's Trophy as long as you collected the other 25 rings ).

Platinum Trophy Guide

PostPosted: Wed Jun 15, 2011 2:08 pm
by iGBx
Stage 8 - Crafting & Farming

Standard Weapons - Now is a great time to get all the remaining trophy's for weapon upgrading. By now you should easily have all the stones required to make at least 9 of them. Use the various weapons already collected in your playthrough, like the Scimitar, Claws, Secret Dagger, Winged Spear, Crescent Falchion +1, Moon Short sword +1. Blacksmith Boldwin in the Nexus sells a Dagger, Short Sword & Battle Axe that can be used also. Here is a link to all the Merchants in the game you may need to buy weapons from:

Hardstone, Sharpstone, Clearstone, Spiderstone, Mercurystone, Dragonstone, Suckerstone, Faintstone, Cloudstone.
The other 5:
Greystone - May need to farm 2-2 for a Chunk of Greystone.
Bladestone* - Probably will need to farm 4-2 for a Pure Bladestone and Chunk of Bladestone.
Marrowstone - May need to farm 5-1 or 5-2 for a Chunk of Marrowstone.
Moonlightstone - May not get a Pure. Only the Crystal Lizards in 3-2 & 3-3 drops them. Farm each one.**
Darkmoonstone - May not get a Pure. Only the Crystal Lizards in 4-2 & 4-3 drops them. Farm each one.**

* The Holy Grail of farming. Try the Black Skeleton in the secret passage of 4-2 in any world tendancy. Or in pure black world tendancy - the BP skeletons in 4-2.

** It is possible to get these 2 pures by chance. You may get lucky without even trying. If you do not. There is a way to keep spawning a Crystal Lizard. Wait untill your on your 4th and last spawn, and quit game with the screen still showing what stone you collected. If it's a chunk, quit game. It cancels the autosave. Repeat untill you get a Pure. This takes time, because you have to reload the game each time. Or you can simply try a new batch of Crystal Lizards in your second playthrough.

Uniques - You should have 24 out of the 25 by now. Missing only the Soulbrand.
Upgraded Uniques - You should now make the 9 that you can, all of them except the Northern Regalia.

Platinum Trophy Guide

PostPosted: Wed Jun 15, 2011 2:26 pm
by iGBx
Stage 9 - End Game

You can almost smell the shiny platinum.....

Collect False King Demon's Soul.
Kill False King Allant. Easy at any level with Poison Cloud. Or man up and melee him, after all you should be a high level after all the millions of souls you can use, with a variety of strong weapons to choose from.

Below The Nexus:
Collect Soulbrand.
Kill King Allant.

Warp back to the Nexus straight after you collect the sword. Eithe use a shard of Archstone, Nexial Binding, Evacuate or even quitting and loading the game works. Take Soulbrand & Demonbrand to Blacksmith Ed and forge the Northern Regalia. ( unlocks Soldier's Trophy )

Warp back to Below The Nexus, walk away from the Maiden in Black, putting the old one to sleep. ( unlocks World Uniter's trophy )

Platinum Trophy Guide

PostPosted: Wed Jun 15, 2011 2:30 pm
by iGBx
Stage 10 - New Game +

Or NG+. A new playthrough. The difficulty is raised a bit now. Enemy's have more HP and hit you harder. No problem though really. You now have a nice Maiden in Black Demon's Soul. Simply clear 1-1 and 1-2 quickly. Get the Iron Ring of Keys again in 1-3 from the Fat Minister, double back as there is no need to clear the level. Free Yuria again the same way as before, you can use your old Official's Hat to save some time. Learn Soulsucker spell from Yuria to unlock Sage's trophy and hopefully Toughest Soul trophy.

Congratulations. Slayer of Demon's.


Re: Platinum Trophy Guide

PostPosted: Thu Jun 16, 2011 3:36 pm
by Clarkie13D
Almost tempted to go for a 3rd....

Nice job Iggy.

Re: Platinum Trophy Guide

PostPosted: Thu Jun 16, 2011 3:41 pm
by LostMyHeadache
EXCELLENT guide, iGGY, just excellent.

Re: Platinum Trophy Guide

PostPosted: Thu Jun 16, 2011 4:03 pm
by mmghouse
Nice writeup. I wanted to add one thing:

iGBx wrote:Stage 2 - Pure White World Tendancy Events

If you did all of stage 1 in soul form you should now have Pure White World Tendacy in all 5 worlds. Time to go back.

I would add the caveat that unless you play offline, your WT will get reset each time you log in. This means that, unless you want to do all of stage 1 in one shot, you should play offline or at least do each worlds stage-1/stage-2 in one sitting.

The preferred approach, imo, for ease and earlier PWWT is: (1) start the game online so you adopt the server's near PWWT for all worlds, but (2) next time you play, do not log into the servers. That way you just keep WT as it was in your worlds. (3) control WT by suiciding in the nexus after you beat each boss so you keep soul form throughout (you've already mentioned this point; I'm just tying it in here).

Re: Platinum Trophy Guide

PostPosted: Sun Jul 03, 2011 3:35 am
by sage_nasty
You may want to note that killing black phantoms in certain ways will not net you any credit foe PWCT

My plat run is screwed because of it, i've been trapped at -1 despite a legit Satsuki and Miranda kill. Neither netted me any + to my tendency :(

Re: Platinum Trophy Guide

PostPosted: Mon Jul 04, 2011 8:07 am
by iGBx
sage_nasty wrote:You may want to note that killing black phantoms in certain ways will not net you any credit foe PWCT

My plat run is screwed because of it, i've been trapped at -1 despite a legit Satsuki and Miranda kill. Neither netted me any + to my tendency :(

Thanks for the reminder. Added notes about this. Also done some more editing. This is basically the way I got a platinum during the psn outage in less than 15 hours at SL 22, and thought I'd share it. Could be handy for people/trophy whore's that do not play online for whatever reason, or if and when the servers go down.
Thanks to GullFire for thinking this useful enough to be included in the wiki :)

Re: Platinum Trophy Guide

PostPosted: Mon Jul 04, 2011 7:38 pm
by Taho_online
Thanks everyone for the great tips I found on the forums and the wiki! It finally landed me the Platinum trophy today!

Woot! :)

(also, thanks to FerretStrike for some awesome online trading!) 8-)