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Postby Stooge » Sun May 29, 2011 5:34 pm

OK, after discussion with the team these are the rules regarding the usage of PSN IDs on the forums.

  1. Users are not to post the PSN of any other user, whether they are forum users or not.
  2. This rule applies regardless of whether the intent of the post is malicious or not.
  3. A user may post their own PSN in their signature.
  4. Any attempt to fraudulently claim to be the owner of another person's PSN is an automatic permanent ban with no exceptions. We will validate any claims of fraudulent use by friending the PSN ID in question on the PSN and exchanging a message with the PSN ID owner.
  5. The only exception to this rule is if a user wishes to participate in a tournament they may post their PSN ID in that tournament thread and allow the usage of their PSN ID by the tournament organizer ONLY.
  6. Any attempt to get around this by being clever in how you post a PSN will result in an immediate warning. As an example if a well known users PSN was PvPMaster don't try and post their PSN as "PvPM---er" or any other way.
  7. If you choose to post your PSN ID we urge you to consider the decision carefully as your behavior on the board may reflect negatively on your PSN ID as well. This is a risk you assume and we will not be held responsible for such situations.
  8. Violations of these rules will be handled on a case by case basis. Depending on the severity we reserve the right -- as always -- to implement any action against the violating account up to and including permanent bans, though a permanent ban is always the least desirable option for us to choose.

There are complex legal issues behind this rule as they relate to potential defamation of character. Since the PSN system as well as this site can be viewed in hundreds of legal jurisdictions around the world, the complexity of the issue is increased a great deal. Some jurisdictions -- even in the USA -- have criminal prosecution for certain types of libelous accusations.

If you feel a user is cheating -- jumping doesn't count -- then please contact the Sony PlayStation Network at 1-800-345-7669 as cheating while using the PlayStation network (which Demons Souls does use) is a violation of the Playstation Network Terms of Service.

If you see any post anywhere on the forum in which the PSN ID of a user that does not belong to the person who posted it, please report the post immediately by clicking the red exclamation point inside the triangle icon near the top of the post.

Thank you,

Sir Cares-A-Lot
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Postby raytheboi » Sun May 29, 2011 8:18 pm

Lord cares alot there is no lock upon this thread one would assume there would be :?:
because it changed our world ^^vv<><>ba START
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