Topics (and how to name them) *read before posting*

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Topics (and how to name them) *read before posting*

Postby TheJoker » Wed Jan 12, 2011 11:15 pm

An interesting and informative topic is a quick way to make sure people look at your thread. In addition to that, it's against the rules to post vague, useless topics such as "Question", or "need help".
Here's a few tips to spice up the blandness here.

How to make at least a semi interesting topic:

  • Include what the point of your thread is
  • Include important, relevant details. e.g. Soul level and server for trade threads
  • Paraphrase your topic in the title (very briefly!)

There, see how easy that is?
With a little extra thinking you can prevent future warnings and get people to somewhat care what you are talking about.

As an added note, it's ok to have more than 5 words in a topic. It can practically be a short sentence. The more it relates to what you are saying, the higher chance you have of people actually seeing it and responding constructively.

The "I'm not BS'ing you" link (that's the rule I talked about)
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