dlc weapons

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dlc weapons

Postby Revan » Tue Oct 14, 2014 1:38 pm

Hey guys, im in a pickle. I don4 have the space to download the dlc... so, I ask you to trade the weapons to me and I will give you any maxed weapon or armor set. My last connection lost his need for me and I thirst for dlc weapons and armor. Im on xbox, lvlv 150 and a soul level of 4 mill. Not in ng+ please help, im in dire need
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Re: dlc weapons

Postby Tsmp » Wed Oct 15, 2014 9:28 am

You most certainly do have the space to download the DLC, on account of it was already downloaded to your system in entirety with the various patches. If that information wasn't already there, other people wouldn't be able to give you any DLC items because your game wouldn't know what the fuck they were.

"Purchasing and downloading" the DLC from the XBox/PSN/Steam online store actually just gives you the key to access the DLC that is already in your game. Downloading all three DLCs together adds up to a grand total of 300KB. Unless what you're saying is you don't have 300KB of room in your hard drive, in which case disregard this entirely and delete a picture or something.

Alternatively, you can farm for some of the DLC items yourself. Touch the serpent statue things in either the Shrine of Winter, The Rotten's primal bonfire room, or the Old Iron King's primal bonfire room, then look around for a bunch of weird statues. Drop your summon sign there and equip a whole bunch of item find boosting gear like the covetous gold serpent ring. Then brace yourself for some of the most obscenely hard areas in the game.
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