Rate my Charecter build plz!

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Rate my Charecter build plz!

Postby SlayeofDemons » Mon Aug 04, 2014 7:32 pm

Hey guys! I've bee playing demons souls for about a year now and I have three characters. A knight, a thief, and a wizard, I was just looking for some feed back on my knight character. Constructive criticism totally welcome!

Gender: male
Sul level: 115
Class: knight
Vit. 44. (1405 hp body form)
Int. 15
End. 40
Str. 30
Dex. 30
Faith. 16
Luck: 7


Full gloom armor
RH: Northern Regalia (PBCT normal swing approx. 450, power swing approx. 600, backstab approx. 900, perry approx. 1500) OR Dragon Knights sword +5 (norm. Swing approx. 180, power swing: approx 450, back stab approx. 500, perry approx. 900)/ white bow(approx 105 medium range)(against dreglings)

LH: Purple flame shield +5 OR dark silver shield/ silver catalyst (warding/water veil) OR talisman of god (evacuate/hidden soul)

Offline (thieves ring/ ring of great strength)
Online: against Mage (ring of magical dulness/ flame resistance (with dark silver shield) or great strength (with purple flame shield))
Against melee (great strength/ dull rats ring)(with PFS)

I'm in NG+

Also I'm only NR'ing until I get 50 str and Dex, then ill switch to my meat cleaver or DBS and trade my dragon knights sword +5 for a sharp kilij +5 IF I decide to abandon this charecter as an online charecter all together.
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Re: Rate my Charecter build plz!

Postby Thy Nazgul2 » Mon Aug 04, 2014 11:41 pm

Is this a PvP build or PvE? Either way you should probably go for Quality weapons if you are going to be raising both dex and str. The NR and dragon weapons are only good if you are going for a vitality build, I don't think you should have them if you are planning on raising dex and str. I do not recommend Gloom armour since it is heavy and slows down your stamina recovery, the defense provided by armour in DeS is almost meaningless so you could go for any light set and you should be fine. The best shields are the Dark Silver Shield and the knights shield. You should get Curse weapon since it increases the physical damage of your weapons. The second chance miracle will be very useful since it "revives you" with half your HP the moment you die. If you want to play PvP you should stay around Soul level 125 so you have ten levels left, which you should put into strength and dexterity. Overall your stats look fine but you are lacking the correct equipment for the stats you have.
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