LF/WTT Pure Bladestone, IC, BBS [NA]

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LF/WTT Pure Bladestone, IC, BBS [NA]

Postby illusio » Sun Jun 01, 2014 1:06 pm

Hi folks,
Had a blast with Demon's Souls and am really close to platinum between my two characters (SL 113 and 101) but am running out of steam. Can someone help me get the Master Slasher's (Bladestone) trophy (unsure if someone hands me a +5 sharp item if it pops - otherwise I'll need a pure stone), Insanity Catalyst, and Blueblood Sword? If I get those and shuffle the rare and boss weapons between my characters I should be able to get platinum, and I have a lot of crafting mats that I would be happy to part with if that sweetens the deal for prospective traders.

My PSN ID is arioch-x and I am west coast US, but pretty flexible for times that I can make myself available, thanks a ton in advance!
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