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View the latest post Account Activations Back On Track

Hey guys,

After some vigorous working, I was able to sift through the accounts that were unactivated. Please note a few things

1) I'm only human so if some spam bots slipped through, please report them so we can take care of them! This is how you can help me :)

2) If you notice your username didn't get activated, it could mean one of two things
a) you didn't confirm with your email so I just had them resent or you need to resubmit an application
b) your email appeared...

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View the latest post A grave threat to our community. PLEASE READ.


I write to you today in hopes that I can convince you to sign a petition against two upcoming United States legislation known as SOPA and PIPA. These laws, which are designed to prevent online piracy, would throw a serious amount of cold water on the freedoms we all enjoy on the internet. These laws pose a threat to this community because, as the sole income provider for my family, I cannot -- and will not -- risk the liability that these laws would place upon me personally for any...

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View the latest post Rumors of my death were greatly exaggerated ...


So ... yeah. I've been a bit busy lately and have not been around much at all. I have a good crew keeping an eye on things, and am very thankful for that. However, things should be shaping up such that I can devote more time to the forums, wiki, community, etc. So, I'd like to welcome myself back (LOL!) and ask that if anyone has any suggestions for the forums or for the wiki that you start posting them up in the Feedback and Suggestions forum and I'll work through them as I can....

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